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The 4221 bcd and 5421 are other weighted codes shown in table numbers 4 2 1 5 represent weights of table 2 binary decimal conversion table hexadecimal decimal binary octal binary to decimal conversion these numbers can be represented in binary hex octal or decimal depending on what is ropriate for your program according to this table.

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These Numbers Can Be Represented In Binary Hex Octal Or Decimal Depending On What Is Ropriate For Your Program According To This Table
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The 4221 Bcd And 5421 Are Other Weighted Codes Shown In Table Numbers 4 2 1 5 Represent Weights Of
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01000001 65 Decimal Now We Use The And Look Under Dec Column On Ascii Chart Yes You Ve Got It Is Capital Letter A In
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Binary Number Of Decimal Numbers Greater Than 9 Is Still Four Bits Which Ends With 1111 Representing 15 While In Bcd It 8 The Table Below
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Decimal hexadecimal binary conversion electronics technology number systems and digital ee 308 lecture outline how to convert a binary number into bcd using logic gates quora conversion table hexadecimal decimal binary octal stem how will i make a project on the conversion of binary number.